Compassionate Cesarean

Reimagining Cesarean Birth | taught by Doula Trainings International

Course description

A New Approach to Cesarean Birth

We invite doulas, parents, and others involved in birth to learn more about what a Compassionate Cesarean is and how to advocate for and support one.

In this course, you'll gain the tools to start pulling apart preconceived ideas of what cesarean birth is and to reframe your understanding of cesareans as a parent giving birth, not just a surgical experience with a passive participant. Learn practical skills for humanizing the cesarean birth experience for yourself, your clients, your friends and family, or your patients.

Video lessons exploring Compassionate Cesarean kick off an in-depth array of materials to create a rich and detailed understanding: guides for language and advocacy, a template for creating Compassionate Cesarean birth preferences, a packing list for Compassionate Cesarean birth, affirmation cards, and links to additional external resources. Finally, you'll be invited to participate in the DTI Learning Lab Compassionate Cesarean Connect Facebook group to stay connected with a community of others passionate about creating options for and affirming cesarean birth.

Course photograph by DTI Doula and photographer Chanda Williams.

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