Demystifying Client Meetings

Making Your Meetings Work | taught by Doula Trainings International

Course description

What makes a prenatal or postpartum meeting successful?

As a birth doula, how can you tell if you're covering what you need to in your prenatal client meetings? How can you find out what you need to know about your clients to best support them? How can you spend an amount of time that fits in with your busy schedule?

Learn to go deeper in your client meetings, optimizing your approach to learn the most about your clients, give them what they need, and make these meetings work for you. Through videos, exercises, and handouts, this course walks through clear objectives for each meeting you have with birth clients and provides in-depth guides to intake forms and birth preferences/plans so that you can build out comprehensive agendas and materials to use in your own practice.

Find new ways to engage your clients and yourself and find an approach that allows you to walk in confident and excited to each and every visit.

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