Slow Doula Method®

A Transformative Approach to Birth and Postpartum Work | taught by Doula Trainings International

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Discover a New Approach

Have you ever wondered how to keep a level head in a tense environment? Have you struggled to provide the kind of support you want to but just don't feel capable of?

In the emotionally charged settings of birth and postpartum care, everyone faces these challenges. We know there must be a better way to do things, but the path seems so abstract. How can you just "be more mindful" or "do better next time"? Unlock the power of the Slow Doula Method® to bring a transformative, reliable, and actionable approach to your work.

In this course, you'll discover SDM®'s innovative method for providing team-based, respectful, and empowering support in birth and postpartum settings. You'll learn a step-by-step method for developing your capacity for compassion, advocacy, and mindfulness, allowing you to create a true team in all the settings you practice in. You'll find ways to encourage others to change their behavior without creating conflict. You'll explore your own personal triggers and learn to recognize them before you lose your cool. You'll establish strategies for ensuring that everyone in the room is part of a team unified by a goal of respectful care and support.

A series of videos will introduce you to SDM® and help you internalize its core principles and actions. Next, we'll dive deep into the Power of Language to create a nuanced understanding of one of our most important tools as birth and postpartum workers. Finally, a rich collection of downloadable materials like handouts and printable cards will further deepen your comprehension.

Participants who successfully complete our course materials and quiz will receive a certificate of completion that fully integrates with LinkedIn, giving you the chance to share your new training with colleagues, clients, and employers. You'll also gain access to our exclusive SDM® Collective Facebook Group where you can share resources, experiences, and more with fellow SDM® Collective members. Finally, you'll receive an SDM® Collective Member Badge for you to include on your website alongside your other certificates, degrees, and credentials.

Find a new approach to your work and your life. Discover your true capacity for compassion, deliberateness, and teamwork. Start your journey today!

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