The Backup Plan

Creating a Sustainable Doula Practice | taught by Doula Trainings International

Course description

Backup: your best tool for a sustainable doula practice.

As doulas, we're all familiar with the difficulties of being on-call for our clients. All too often, we neglect to protect our own time and space by treating backup as a just-in-case, only-if-absolutely-necessary component of our business—if we have backup at all.

In this course, you'll learn how to build a strong backup relationship that will help you avoid burnout, navigate life transitions, and ultimately put you on a path toward a sustainable, long-term career as a doula. Learn how to use backup and in what situations as well as that critical piece of how to set up a backup agreement with another doula. Find out the best way to talk to your clients about backup so that they can understand how backup works powerfully in their favor as well.

Doula Trainings International
Doula Trainings International

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