Understand Your Brand

Finding Your Brand and Putting It to Work | taught by Doula Trainings International

Course description

Learn the power of a strong brand—and how to create one.

Have you ever heard terms like "brand identity" or "target customer" tossed around and wondered what it all meant? Would it surprise you to know that great branding isn't a luxury but a true necessity for a sustainable business?

In this course, you'll discover what branding means, why branding is important, how to define your own unique brand, and ways to define and implement that brand in your business. Unlock your fullest potential to attract your ideal clients, setting yourself up for a fulfilling and sustainable career.

Video lessons exploring the key concepts of branding segue into a series of guides and exercises designed to help you explore your ideal clients, how to identify what your brand is, and how to use your brand to take you where you want to be. In-depth examples provide clarity and inspiration as you explore these concepts for your own individual business.

Doula Trainings International
Doula Trainings International

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